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Nice work sister, but the enormity of the Hollywood mutual jerk-off that is any awards show, is getting harder to stomach. Why should we care?


Thank you. I thought I was the only one who hated the Desperate Housewives. Total yuck.


Don't touch my Piven woman!


i think ari gold is a great character.

but honestly, jeremy piven shines on "entourage" because he's surrounded by quite possibly the worst actors possible. they all play themselves - and when they actually have to act, like in the season finale, it blows miserably.

but i like him.

hug it out.


Wow...I've heard about Drew's nips like 57 times in less than 48 hours. That's impressive.
I'm so glad I missed it and thanks for the recap.


As a girl who ALWAYS ALWAYS has to wear a bra because of my large, ahem, mammories I understand that sometimes you just want to say FUCK it and go freeballin (or freeboobin in this case). I however would not have chosen an awards show do make my stand.

But really can you blame Drew? It's called the Golden GLOBES - and that just ain't a coincidence.


I CANNOT STAND DH. Whyeeee is it on? I didn't really watch the GG either. Thanks for the recap. I flipped through a couple of times so I caught Drew and that dress. EEEEEK!


I fucking love you, crazy v for breaking this shit down like a circus clown. And I agree on all counts. You already know of my hatred for the Housewives. DESPISE. And Melanie Griffith? Seriously? That voice? That whispery voice? And her deer-in-the-headlights daughter who was too fucking scared to smile but we'll still make her Miss Golden Globe anyway? WTF?

Steve Carell and his speech....loved it, loved him, loved that someone ELSE thanked his wife later too. Reece - has long been at my celebrity dream lunch table too. I just want to roll through Sephora with her (on her tab, naturally) then go grab some lunch and chat about what it was like to be stuck at the table with kookoo Shirley Maclaine.

Gwynneth, looked lovely but bored. But if I had her life I guess i'd be bored at the Golden Globes too. Bitch. Give me back my life.


okay, I NEVER correct silly little mistakes, but your spelling of Uzi was so cute I wanted to reach into the screen and give you a hug. Only a girl would spell Uzi oozy! I would SO like to have seen you take them bitches out with something nice and oozy.


Fucking awesome, Virgo! Definitely the best (and funniest) round-up of the Golden Globes I've read so far. You crack my ass up!



There you go!


Was Terri Hatcher on crack? Staple that scrawny butt to a chair! This was a hoot, and right on the money. I cannot watch Jamie Foxx without thinking of his show. I saw the preview for Miami Vice the other day and even though I know that he and Colin Farrell are being serious, I about peed my pants. I kept waiting for the punch line.

Loved Drew on Saturday Night Live, at least she can laugh at herself...after all, we are.

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