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ew. your list of untouchable is gagging me. but i still love you anyway, you shirt cocking fool.


this is why we love each other, bmc. if our tastes were identical, we'd basically be in love with ourselves, and lord know we already do enough of that.


I would also like to add Oprah to that list.

Pick, I really miss you and I love you so much! JT Loves how you post to him and Scott too!


Madge is a whore. I'm icky too because I agree with part of your untouchables list. In fact, if she touches one hair on one head of anyone in the Martin/Paltrow conglomerate i will find her in her overpriced Kensington gym and take her DOWNTOWN to chinatown.


Piven...what about Piven????? I will Kick-her-ass if she so much as looks at him!


y0 1s t3h suxx0r.

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